Adjectives usually go after the noun in French. (Exceptions). This is the default position for adjectives, it is where they like to be. For a French adjective, sitting after a noun is like sitting on the beach with a cold drink in hand. Everything's smooth and just perfect, and it just wants to stay there.

Après une journée difficile et stressante,
After a difficult and stressful day,

j'aime regarder des émissions drôles et banales à la télé,
I like to watch stupid funny shows on TV,

ou bien je lis un bouquin romantique et passionnant.
or else is read a romantic passionate book.

Je prépare un repas facile mais nourrissant,
I fix myself a quick but substantial meal

mais en été j'aime passer la soirée sur une plage vide et tranquille.
but in Summer I like to spend the evening on a quiet empty beach.