Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I miss or have a time conflict with my ACTFL test? Is there a make-up?

If you know you have a conflict with your scheduled ACTFL test, please contact us at as soon as possible to discuss options. Making up a test for an absence that does not fall within the category of an official University conflict may not be possible. Examples of official University conflicts include things like documented illness or accident, government service (e.g., jury duty or military service), a University course conflict, University team obligations, etc.

What are the benefits of taking the ACTFL tests?

Students who complete all components of the project (the ACTFL tests, three brief self-assessments and a language use survey) receive a nationally recognized official rating. These ratings can be extremely useful in job, study abroad and visa applications. They can also be applied as partial completion of the Certificate of Advanced-Level Proficiency in French, German and Spanish.

How will the ACTFL tests affect my course grade?

Departments and instructors choose how the tests will affect the course grade. Please refer to the course syllabus or speak to your instructor regarding how the ACTFL tests are incorporated into the course grade.

I’m having trouble getting the Demo OPIc to work. What should I try?

You will need to use a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or phone. Use a standard browser, and go to After reading the system requirements, click on the link at the top right to go to the test. Leave the login and password blank.

Do the ACTFL tests count toward the Certificate of Advanced-Level Proficiency in French, German or Spanish?

Yes. Students who take the ACTFL tests as part of a Spanish course, and are rated Advanced-Low or above, may apply those test results toward fulfilling the requirements for the Certificate of Advanced-Level Proficiency in French, German or Spanish. Students who are rated Advanced-Low or above in reading, listening, and speaking will only need to pass the ACTFL writing test to fulfill the ACTFL testing component of the Certificate. See your department's website for a complete list of requirements for the Certificate of Advanced-Level Proficiency.

Do these tests cost anything?

The University will pay the $135 cost for the three ACTFL tests for students in selected course sections. There is no charge to the student when the tests are taken as part of a course or for currently registered undergraduate Certificate students completing the requirements of the Certificate of Advanced-Level Proficiency.

How do I register?

Students should refer to their language course syllabus for dates and times of assigned tests. Students who will be choosing their test dates and times later in the term will receive registration instructions by email.

May I retake the ACTFL tests?

Students generally may not retake the ACTFL tests in a single semester through the PACE program. Students receive a new rating in succeeding semesters each time they take the tests as a course requirement. Certificate students may take the test once per semester.