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Each semester, TandemPlus hosts several events for participants. These events are fun, low-key social gatherings that provide a chance to practice your second-language skills and meet other Tandem participants.

The first event of every semester is the TandemPlus Kick-Off, an orientation and information session for new and returning participants, and an excellent opportunity to find a language partner.


TandemPlus event at Small World Coffee Hour

Fall 2016 Events!

TandemPlus hosts many fun activities every semester, often pairing up with MISA and MELP to co-host events.

These activities are open to both paired and unpaired Tandem participants, as well as anyone interested in the program (with the exception of a few language-specific events), so all are welcome to attend and use their second language skills, meet other learners, and have fun!

The TandemPlus Student Association (TPSA) is preparing the following events for the Fall 2016 semester:

  • TandemPlus Kick-Off and Orientation -- September 20th
  • MISA Culture Shock: Feast of Nations -- October 22nd
  • Halloween Party -- October 28th
  • Korean Thanksgiving -- November 17th
  • Punch Pizza Party -- TBA Early December

Times, locations, and details for events are released as the semester rolls on.

TandemPlus participants will receive email updates with information on events. You can also visit the TandemPlus Facebook page, and follow on Twitter for updates on events!

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TandemPlus event at Small World Coffee Hour