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Mission Statement

The mission of the CLA Language Center is to advance second language, literature and culture education by providing leadership in integrating technology with instruction and learning in the College, the University, the state of Minnesota and beyond.

The Center is committed to staying abreast of developments in second language education and technology and to maximizing teaching and learning experiences by: a) providing technology facilities and services; b) offering training, classes, events and publications; c) supporting curriculum and materials development; d) developing programs and services to cultivate connections with local and global communities; e) developing and administering second language assessment measures; and f) promoting research on educational technology, second language acquisition and related disciplines.

To fulfill its mission, the Center’s knowledgeable and friendly staff strive to make technology accessible to all, to connect language departments, instructors and students, and to foster a culture which empowers individuals and values diversity, multiculturalism and internationalism.