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Language Center Classrooms

LC Classrooms Overview

The Language Center maintains four computer classrooms. They can be reserved in advance for use with language classes or special presentations and workshops. All rooms have 24-30 student computers along with an instructor's computer.

A data projector in each room allows for projection from the LC computer, document camera, multi-standard & multi-zone DVD player, or visitor's laptop. Other features include an electric projection screen along with wireless and wired internet access. Class sessions or special presentations can be video recorded remotely in two classrooms. Room schedule is available online.

Mac Classrooms: Jones 10, 15 & 30

The three Mac classrooms feature Northwestern DiLL audio lab software. This software provides an intuitive interface for instructors to pair students and monitor their conversations. Student recordings can be saved and reviewed by instructors through the MacDiLL website. Class video recording is available in Jones 30.

Media Classroom: Jones 35

This classroom has a podium style instructor's station and is ideal for workshops or presentations. Jones 35 also has 24 Mac computers on fixed tables around the classroom's perimeter as well as six moveable tables that can be arranged as needed depending on classroom activities.

This classroom can also be used as a Northwestern DiLL audio lab. Classroom Support Staff can video record classroom activities to DVD remotely using the cameras and mikes installed in the classroom.

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